Campus Security Alerts And Notification Procedures


Should a situation arise that, in the judgment of the President or designee constitutes an ongoing or continuing threat, a campus-wide “alert” will be issued. These notifications are electronically transmitted to every computer terminal on campus, excluding student workstations. Staff and faculty members must be logged on to receive the emergency alerts. The College has the capacity of sending emergency text messages to faculty and staff cell phones that have registered for the service.


Critical incidents can be classified by four levels of response: low level, evacuation, secure in place, and resumption of normal operations. College officials will assess each incident, determine which alert level is appropriate, and implement mass notification as necessary.

ABTCC Emergency Response Drills


Given when an incident or situation is occurring on or near campus requiring personnel to be alert to suspicious persons and/or surroundings. 

Example: Asheville High Incident

EVACUATE – Alert 2

Given when an incident or situation calls for a specific area of campus to be evacuated and secured.

Example: Bomb Threat  


Given when an incident or situation is occurring on campus and evacuation would pose a greater threat to human life.

Example: Hostage/Gunman Situation, Severe Weather



Given when an incident or situation has been resolved. College personnel may resume normal operations.



In the event an alert is activated, Campus Police will enlist the aid of certain college employees for incident management. This group will consist of personnel from Plant Operations, Emergency Services Academy, and designated building contacts. All enlisted people will be identified by neon green security vests.

Certain areas of campus that operate under specific regulations, such as Middle/Early College and Day Care, will receive notification of incidents, regardless of location or severity, as the standard operating procedure.

Emergency Notification Procedures

A-B Tech has a comprehensive strategy for notifying the College’s campuses and the public about emergency response and preparedness procedures or actual emergencies.

Emergency preparedness drills are conducted twice a year to prepare our Asheville, Enka, South, and Madison locations for potential emergencies such as fires or lockdowns due to hostile threats. The campus and public are notified of the drills in advance to pre-empt confusion and chaos.

The College informs its employees and students of drills and actual emergencies through a number of methods, including email, voicemail, website alerts, social media, and a mass alert public address system. We also strongly encourage all staff and students to sign up for Emergency Text Alerts that are used in case of actual emergencies, drills, and severe weather.

The public is informed of drills and actual emergencies through the news media and direct outreach to nearby businesses and organizations, including Mission Hospital and Asheville High School.

When reporting emergencies, students and staff are encouraged to call Campus Police at (828) 398-7125 or 911 from their cell phones or emergency phones on our campus.