Recycling Responsibilities

A-B Tech is fully committed to waste reduction and recycling as a means of environmental sustainability, resource conservation, and adherence to local and state rules and provides guidance. Our commitment to waste reduction reaffirms the waste management directive supported by state and federal mandates.

State of NC Solid Waste Management Act

The State of North Carolina Solid Waste Management Act highlights the responsibilities of employees and departments with respect to the reduction of waste and the utilization of recycling services. What follows below are excerpts from this document.



Provision of Recycling for all State Employees: The State agency, including the General Assembly, the General Court of Justice, and The University of North Carolina shall establish a program…for the collection of all recyclable materials generated in State offices throughout the State. The program shall provide that recycling containers are readily accessible on each floor where State employees are located in a building occupied by a State agency… The program shall be designed and implemented to achieve the maximum feasible reduction of solid waste generated as a result of agency operations.

Purchasing Requirements: "It is the purpose of this Part [§ 130A-309.06] to…give the State a leadership role in recycling efforts by granting a preference in State purchasing to products with recycled content.”

  • Any State agency… that is using State funds, or any person contracting with any agency with respect to work performed under contract, shall procure products of recycled steel if all of the following conditions are satisfied:
    1. The product must be acquired competitively within a reasonable time frame.
    2. The product must meet appropriate performance standards.
    3. The product must be acquired at a reasonable price.
  • All State agencies…are required to procure compost products when they can be substituted for, and cost no more than, regular soil amendment products, provided the compost products meet all applicable engineering and environmental quality standards, specifications, and rules.

Report Printing: The Department of Administration shall develop a model report for reports published by any State agency, the General Assembly,… or The University of North Carolina. This model report shall satisfy the following:

  1. made from recycled paper and materials
  2. be recyclable
  3. printed on both sides of the paper
  4. State publications that are of historical and enduring value and importance to the citizens of North Carolina shall be printed on alkaline (acid-free) paper according to G.S. 125-11.13.


Governor Executive Order #156 detailing State Government environment sustainability, reduction of solid waste, and procurement of environmentally preferable products.