Classes in Adult Basic Education (ABE) Foundations

Classes in Adult Basic Education (ABE) Foundations

Classes in Adult Basic Education (ABE) Foundations

A-B Tech’s ABE Foundations program in Transitional Studies offers FREE classes for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities and low levels of literacy, to explore and develop academic and employability skills. Flexible class scheduling is available.

Welcoming Adults with Disabilities and Low Levels of Literacy



  • Reading and writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Computer technology
  • Civics
  • Independent living skills
  • Living with Traumatic Brain Injury/Stroke
  • Workplace skills
  • Health/wellness
  • Carpentry
  • Horticulture and gardening
  • Hospitality (Culinary)
  • Healthcare (Personal Care)

Program Requirements: Steps to Enroll

Students must:

  • Complete assessment
  • Arrange transportation
  • Follow attendance policy
  • Take breaks and have lunch independently
  • Set goals for literacy education and/or job preparedness
  • Follow the Code of Student Conduct and Classroom Conduct
  • Manage all personal care needs


  1. Request accommodations through A-B Tech’s Support Services (if applicable)
  2. Schedule appointment with Coordinator/Specialist
  3. Take assessment
  4. Meet with advisor and register for classes.

Formerly called Compensatory Ed or “Comp Ed” from 1983-2013, the program is now called ABE Foundations and has been operating under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act since 2014 to present.

ABE Foundations offers an academic track for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The emphasis is placed on helping students become as independent as possible, primarily by improving academic, vocational, social, survival, and independent-living skills. The program features lessons in community living, consumer education, health, language, mathematics, social science, and vocational education.

A-B Tech, in partnership with The Arc of NC and Mission Health, offers eligible individuals a year-long internship program called Project SEARCH. This evidence-based training program involves three internship experiences and daily instruction designed to maximize employment potential for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Specialist, Jan Johnston (828) 398-7323

Coordinator, Page McCorkle (828) 398-7131

Transitional Studies (828) 398-7433