Lunsford Brings Cheer to Enrolling Nurse Aide Students

Sherry Lunsford, Coordinator for Continuing Education Records and Registration has been able to feel like Mrs. Santa Claus for the past two weeks, thanks to the Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER) scholarship program.

Teresa Robinson brings the students who registered for the Nurse Aide program to Lunsford who creates their sponsorship for GEER. When she steps out of her office to present them with their registration confirmation this is what she shares with them: 

“Congratulations!  The class you are enrolled in qualifies you for a $750 scholarship. We will deduct the registration fee and the cost of the books from the $750.  Please check your email in January for directions on receiving the balance.” 

The following is Lunsford’s account of her interactions with the students:

Three people had tears of joy streaming down their faces saying “What a blessing!  

I was trying to determine where I could get the money to pay for the class.  One student said she just paid a VET bill for her dog and did not know where she was going to get the money to pay for the class.”

Another student said, “How exciting!  I would hug your neck if I could.”

Another student said, “Financial Aid said this class does not qualify for a Pell Grant so I did not know how was going to pay for the class.  What a blessing!  Thank you so much!”

“There are no words to describe their facial expressions on hearing the news,” Lunsford said.

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