Public Safety Administration: Corrections Management Certificate

Law Enforcement Management
Program Code: C55480C1

Public Safety Administration: Corrections Management Certificate

The Corrections Management certificate quickly prepares corrections officers for management positions within their facility or division, or other agencies. The certificate can be used a stepping stone or building block working toward a Public Safety Administration degree.

Courses requiring a grade of “C” or better: CJC, ENG, PAD, and PST

Courses in this program

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This course covers the history, major philosophies, components, and current practices and problems of the field of corrections. Topics include historical evolution, functions of the various components, alternatives to incarceration, treatment programs, inmate control, and other related topics. Upon completion, students should be able to explain the various components, processes, and functions of the correctional system.  This course has been approved for transfer under the CAA as a pre-major and/or elective course requirement.

This course is designed to develop the ability to produce clear writing in a variety of genres and formats using a recursive process. Emphasis includes inquiry, analysis, effective use of rhetorical strategies, thesis development, audience awareness, and revision. Upon completion, students should be able to produce unified, coherent, well-developed essays using standard written English. This is a Universal General Education Transfer Component (UGETC) course that satisfies English Composition.

This course includes an overview of the role of the public administrator in government and an examination of the development and implementation of public policy. Topics include public personnel administration and management, decision making, public affairs, ethics, organizational theories, budgetary functions within governmental agencies, and other governmental issues. Upon completion, students should be able to explain the functions of government in society and in the lives of people composing that society.

This course is a mechanism for awarding prior learning credit for industry-recognized training and/or credentials. The prior learning source is the 160-hour Basic Correctional Officer training course regulated by the NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission and required for certification as a state correctional officer with the NC Department of Public Safety. Official documentation of successful completion of the state-mandated training must be provided and retained on file. *160 Hours Minimum Documented Training Required.

Total Credit Hours Required:

Curriculum is based on the 2020-21 catalog.

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