Adult Basic Education (ABE) Foundations

Classes in Adult Basic Education (ABE) Foundations

Adult Basic Education (ABE) Foundations

A-B Tech’s ABE Foundations program in Transitional Studies offers FREE classes for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities and low levels of literacy, to explore and develop academic and employability skills. Flexible class scheduling is available.

Welcoming Adults with Disabilities and Low Levels of Literacy



  • Reading and Writing
  • Mathematics and Personal Finance
  • Science and Social Studies
  • Computer Technology
  • Civics and Independent Living Skills
  • Workplace Skills
  • Health and wellness

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Complete assessment
  • Arrange transportation
  • Follow attendance policy
  • Take breaks and have lunch independently
  • Set goals for literacy education and/or job preparedness
  • Follow the Code of Student Conduct and Classroom Conduct
  • Manage all personal care needs

To Enroll:

  1. Request accommodations through A-B Tech’s Support Services (if applicable)
  2. Schedule appointment with Coordinator/Specialist
  3. Take assessment
  4. Meet with advisor and register for classes.


ABE Foundations offers classes in a variety of subjects for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Emphasis is placed on helping students become as independent as possible, by improving academic, vocational, social, survival, and independent-living skills.

ABE Foundations, formerly called Compensatory Ed or “Comp Ed” from 1983-2013 operates under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 2014 to the present.


Transitional Studies

Specialist, Kathy Hipps