Student Online Success


Student Online Success is A-B Tech's program to improve student success and retention in online classes. Before registering for 100% online classes (classes with the letter "O" in the section designator), students are required to complete Moodle Online Orientation, which includes the SmarterMeasure online readiness assessment.Starting in Summer 2019, a student's SmarterMeasure scores no longer restrict online class registration in any way.

Students who have low SmarterMeasure scores will be contacted by an Online Success Coach throughout the student's first semester taking online classes at A-B Tech. The Online Success Coach will provide the student with any needed support, resources, or tools that may help the student be successful in the online learning environment.

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Moodle Online Orientation

Moodle Online Orientation is a brief online training course that is recommended for a student to complete prior to registering for a class that occurs entirely online, if they have not taken an online course previously. It can be accessed within A-B Tech's Student Orientation site called Trailhead. You can enroll yourself in the Moodle Online Orientation course online. For assistance with accessing the Moodle Online Orientation course, email

Please note that the Moodle Online Orientation is different from the online version of New Student Orientation.

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Resources for Online/Distance Students

Select the links below for more information about the resources available to students taking classes that occur fully online: