Hydrology & Erosion Control


This course introduces basic engineering principles and characteristics of hydrology, erosion and sediment control. Topics include stormwater runoff, gravity pipe flow, open channel flow, low impact development (LID), erosion control devices and practices. Upon completion, students should be able to analyze and design gravitational drainage structures, identify LID and erosion control elements, and prepare a stormwater drainage plan.

  • Prerequisite:
    Prerequisites: Take One Set: Set 1: DMA 060, DMA 070, and DMA 080 | Set 2: DMA 065 | Set 3: MAT 121 | Set 4: MAT 171 | Set 5: MAT 003 Tier 3
  • Corequisite:
Class Hours 2
Lab Hours 3
Clinic, Coop, or Shop Hours
Credit Hours 3