Tuition & Fees

Students are not enrolled until tuition and fees are paid.

Students planning to use financial aid to pay tuition and fees must follow the procedure set up by the Financial Aid Office.



2023–2024 Academic Year

16 or more credit hours

NC Residents $1,216.00
Non-residents of NC $4,288.00


Fewer than 16 credit hours


NC students per credit hour $76.00
Non-residents of NC $268.00

NC Residency Determination

The North Carolina General Assembly generally sets tuition by July 1st.

Above is the current rate which is subject to change.



Insurance Fee $2.00
Tech Fee $48.00
Matriculation Fee $6.00
Caps Fee (Campus Access) $20.00
Activity Fee (Main Campus and Online Classes, Fall and Spring Only, Excludes CCP Students) $35.00

Some courses have consumable fees which are noted on the registration statement

**Consumable fees:

*All tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Fees are not refundable for classes dropped after the term starts.


Student Insurance

Certain risks are inherent in any work involving regular contact with mechanical and electrical equipment. While stringent precautions will be taken to ensure safety, it is felt to be in the interest of all students to provide some measure of insurance protection. A group policy, providing the desired insurance protection, will be maintained in effect by the College and all students will be required to subscribe to such coverage.


Technology Fee

For Curriculum students, a computer use and technology fee will be charged each semester.


Caps Fee

Campus Access and Security Fee for Curriculum and Continuing Education students are charged each semester for Asheville, Woodfin, and Madison.


Student Activity Fees

The student activity fee will be charged to all online students and students enrolled on the A-B Tech Asheville campus during the Fall and Spring semesters. Career and College Promise (CCP) students are excluded.


Past Due Balances

Students who owe the college money for a past term are required to pay the entire balance before being able to register or get grades and transcripts. SBCC State Board Code 1E SBCCC 200.2(c)