What is Global Education?

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The mission of A-B Tech's Global Education Committee is to bring an awareness of global issues to our campus.

We support the development of a curriculum that is international in scope and prepares students to function in a globalized environment.

In Needed: A Global Context for the Study of Nations and People, James Becker defines Global Education as “an effort to help individuals to see the world as a single and global system and to see themselves as participants of that system."

Similarly, according to the World View International Program for Educators at UNC-Chapel Hill, "all students need to understand their smaller world and acquire the skills and attitudes that will enable them to live and work effectively within it."

In the words of Michael Adams, President of Fairleigh Dickinson University,

“A global education is much more than studying abroad or developing exchange programs. It is an education that ensures that students will be able to succeed in a world marked by interdependence, diversity, and rapid change. Global education is one that provides knowledge and understanding of cultures, languages, geography, and global perspectives. Most importantly, global education is one that enables students to understand their roles in a global community and teaches them how their actions can affect citizens throughout the world.”

If you have any questions or comments about Global Education or anything about this site, please send us an email to globaleducation@abtech.edu