Cutting Processes


This course introduces oxy-fuel and plasma-arc cutting systems. Topics include safety, proper equipment setup, and operation of oxy-fuel and plasma-arc cutting equipment with emphasis on a straight line, curve and bevel cutting. Upon completion, students should be able to oxy-fuel and plasma-arc cut metals of varying thickness.


Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the parts and functions of an oxy-acetylene cutting torch.
  2. Identify the parts and functions of various cutting equipment.
  3. List the safety practices of using oxy-fuel, plasma-arc, and other cutting equipment.
  4. Set-up and adjust cutting equipment.
  5. Use an oxy-acetylene outfit, plasma cutting equipment, and other equipment to:
    1. Cut a straight marked line on a various thickness steel plate.
    2. Cut various shapes out of a carbon steel plate.
    3. Cut carbon steel plate to a bevel and pipe.
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  • Corequisite:
Class Hours 1
Lab Hours 3
Clinic, Coop, or Shop Hours
Credit Hours 2