Re-Testing & Testing Accommodations


Students should fully prepare before taking the EdReady placement test. To assist students in preparing, a list of what's included in the tiers.

Students may only take the EdReady twice in a five year period (one initial test and on retest).

  • Students who tested at local high schools may take the assessment once after high school graduation when applying for admission to the College.
  • Students are eligible to retest on the EdReady once per tier after the initial assessment after a two-week waiting period.
  • Scores submitted from other North Carolina Community Colleges will be treated as either an initial test or a re-test based on the date of submission - the two-week waiting period also applies to placement scores submitted from other schools.

EdReady scores are valid for five (5) years and students are not eligible for a second retest until the scores expire. Requests for exceptions will be granted only for extenuating circumstances and must be approved by the Chair of Developmental Studies, Director of Student Advising and Support Services, Dean of Academic Success, or the Vice President of Student Services

Testing Accommodations

Alternate testing formats and other accommodations are available to qualified individuals. Please contact Support Services at (828) 398-7581 or for assistance at least two weeks prior to your scheduled testing date.