Who Needs to Complete Placement?

Placement is required if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You plan to enter into an academic program of study at A-B Tech that requires placement (all Associate's and Diploma programs, as well as many Certificate programs).
  • You plan to take Curriculum classes at A-B Tech that have English and/or math prerequisites.
  • All high school students interested in dual enrollment will need placement for eligibility. High School students should see their College Liaison for assistance.

Students have several choices and should review the list of Placement Options to determine which is the best fit.

If you are enrolling in individual courses with no English or math prerequisites and/or you do not wish to declare a major, you are not required to complete a placement.

If you're transferring from another college and have previous college credit in English and/or math from a regionally accredited institution, you may not need to complete a placement test. You may send your college transcripts to A-B Tech; we will review your transcripts and assess whether your previous college credits meet the English and/or math placement requirements. Official transcripts must be mailed to Records and Registration, A-B Tech Community College, 340 Victoria Rd, Asheville, NC 28801.