Climate Café AVL

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Location: Bridge & Tunnel Café in Coman or on Zoom


What’s Happening; How Do We Feel; What Can We Do?

A Sustainability Chat, Snack, and Act Series

Building Resilience in Our Own Backyards and Blocks:
a two-part summer series


Climate change and sustainability often seem too far away and too hard to tackle, but we can start by implementing some proven solutions in our own backyards and communities. Community climate justice and backyard biodiversity are two ways we can increase community bonds and resilience.

Wednesday, June 19th, and July 17th
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at Bridge & Tunnel Café in Coman or on Zoom

The Climate Café is a series of informal gatherings where attendees can explore topics related to climate change and sustainability alongside potential actions and solutions. Climate Cafés are an international movement offering opportunities for folks to act and share their thoughts and feelings about the various crises we face as a community and as a species.

All Are Welcome! Feel free to join us for one session or all—you're welcome to arrive late or step out early as your schedule permits. Bring a beverage and a snack or your lunch, or grab something yummy from Bridge & Tunnel.

Contact Lin Orndorf at for more information.


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