Cake Decorating Classes Technical Standards

Purpose Statement

All students in the Cake Decorating classes are expected to meet certain technical standards which are essential for the successful completion of all phases of the program, and which reflect industry requirements and standards. To verify the student’s ability to perform these essential functions, students may be required to demonstrate the technical standards below.

Meeting these technical standards does not guarantee employment in this field upon graduation. The ability to meet the program’s technical standards does not guarantee a student’s eligibility for any certification exams or successful completion of the program.


Technical Standard Definition of Standards Examples
Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving Skills Ability is sufficient to follow directions and complete assigned projects.
  • Adjust recipe amounts and cooking times for quantity changes.
  • Produce icing projects according to time parameters indicated.
Interpersonal Skills Abilities are sufficient to interact with individuals from a variety of social, emotional, cultural, and intellectual backgrounds.
  • Provide assistance to fellow students and instructors when requested.
  • Demonstrate sufficient emotional health to perform under stress, exercise good judgment and promptly complete all tasks.
  • Provide feedback to the instructor to ensure a clear understanding of the instructions and demonstrations provided.
Communication Skills Abilities are sufficient for interaction with others in verbal form.
  • Ability to comprehend instructor’s directives.
  • Ability to respond with answers and/or questions about classroom needs.
  • Provide and follow directions from other members of the class.
  • Demonstrate active listening skills.
Coping Skills Ability to maintain a state of harmony.
  • Solves personal and interpersonal problems.
  • Minimizes stress and conflict.
  • Balances internal needs and external demands.
Mobility/Motor Skills Physical abilities are sufficient to move in one’s environment with ease and without restriction.
  • Hold containers, such as bowls, while mixing and blending ingredients.
  • Ability to use a whisk, spatula, piping bag and tips, etc.
  • Safely use knives and other sharp tools.
  • Hand/eye coordination is sufficient to prepare and handle pastry bags.
  • Efficiently use whisking, dicing, and chopping skills.
Auditory Skills Auditory abilities are sufficient to follow the instructor’s instructions and work effectively and safely.
  • Discern the instructor’s voice in a lab environment.
  • Ability to discern, understand and follow instructions given by the instructor.
Visual Skills Visual ability is sufficient for observation and assessment necessary to complete assigned projects.
  • Read and follow instructions and recipes carefully.
  • Read ingredient labels.
Tactile Skills Tactile ability is sufficient for project assessment.
  • Taste, smell, and feel products to determine quality and doneness.
Environmental Ability to tolerate environmental stressors.
  • Practice standard safety precautions.
  • Lift and safely use small tools.
  • Ability to stand while practicing piping.
  • Clean surfaces and floors after each class.
Emotional/Behavioral Emotional stability is sufficient to maintain composure in stressful situations and assume responsibility/accountability for actions.
  • Adapt rapidly to changing environments and/or stress.
  • Calmly receive feedback.
  • Demonstrate honesty and integrity beyond reproach.
  • Ability to exercise calm and restraint in classroom situations while following through with classroom assignments.


In the case of an otherwise qualified individual with a documented disability, appropriate and reasonable accommodations will be made unless doing so would fundamentally alter the essential training elements, cause undue hardship, or produce a direct threat to the safety of the patient or student.

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College is invested in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Support Services is part of Student Services and is located in the K. Ray Bailey Student Services Center. For detailed information or to request accommodations visit Support Services. An appointment is recommended prior to enrollment in order to discuss any special concerns.