Financial Aid Matters

All first-time loan borrowers at A-B Tech must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You, and your parent(s) if applicable, will need an FSA ID in order to complete the application. Apply for an FSA ID.
  2. Watch the Financial Aid Matters video below
  3. Complete the Financial Aid Matters video Questionnaire
  4. Submit your completed Financial Aid Matters video Questionnaire to our secure Financial Aid Office Drop Box
  5. Complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN)
  6. Complete Entrance Counseling
  7. Complete Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment

If you fail to complete all of the steps mentioned on this page to apply for a loan, you will not be awarded loans.

Once these steps are completed, the college will award you loans, if eligible. You will be able to see the total amount for which you are eligible to receive in your Self-Service account. If you would like to reduce the amount of your loans, or decline your loans entirely, complete the Direct Loan Adjustment Form. Submit the completed form to the Financial Aid Office no later than 4 days before the first disbursement date.

Each semester, your loans will be disbursed in multiple payments. Your balance with the school will be subtracted from the first disbursement.

You must be actively attending or have already completed, a minimum of 6 in-program credit hours to receive a loan disbursement.

Anyone who has applied for aid or is interested in potentially applying for aid is encouraged to watch this presentation.

After you have completed these steps, check Self-Service to see if your loans have been awarded.