Federal Work-Study Basics

  • A Federally funded part-time job scheduled around your classes
  • Pays hourly wage from an annual award amount, a maximum of 20 hours/week
  • You are paid directly on a monthly basis
  • Can be on-campus ($15.00/hour) or off-campus ($18.00/hour)


Requirements for Eligibility

  • A completed FAFSA for the current academic year
  • Meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards
  • Must be participating in at least 6 credit hours in a program of study that is eligible for financial aid
  • Must have “unmet” financial aid need as determined by the Financial Aid Office

Please consult the Financial Aid Office with questions or concerns regarding eligibility

For more information, please visit the Federal Work-Study FAQs below.

If you have student loans or questions about your eligibility, please consult with the Financial Aid Office prior to submitting your application, since your loans may affect your work-study eligibility.


To Apply

  1. Complete an Application for the position you are interested in.
    • Avoid using a smartphone or tablet for this purpose.
  2. Contact the position supervisor whose information (email) is provided at the bottom of the job description.
    • Include (attach) your application to this email and check that it retained the information added.
  3. If selected for an interview, the supervisor for the FWS position will contact you via phone or email, using the contact information you provided on the application.

The FWS positions listed on this page are active for the current academic year.

While you may apply for more than one work-study position, you can only be hired for ONE of those positions.

**Please note: Submitting an FWS application does not guarantee hiring for a Federal Work-Study position. Placement into a position is contingent on job availability, the student's qualifications, selection by a supervisor, and program funding.**

Federal Work-Study FAQs

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is a federally funded supplementary award, which students-- if selected for hire-- may earn in the form of part-time employment through A-B Tech. Positions may be located on or off-campus, and encompass a wide variety of jobs and skillsets. FWS students are awarded a stipend for the current academic year, which they earn by logging hours with an FWS supervisor. This award is Title IV funded, meaning that students are not required to repay the funding, once earned. The program is overseen by the FWS Coordinator in A-B Tech’s Financial Aid Office.

Federal Work-Study positions have much in common with regular part-time employment; however, there are some key differences between FWS and private sector employment, which are important to understand:

- FWS positions are a supplemental award process, subject to the eligibility requirements of both the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and federal Title IV funding guidelines. Award amounts vary from student to student based upon individual eligibility; some students will be eligible for higher award amounts than others. For this reason, the exact amount of funding for a given position cannot be calculated until a specific student has been selected for hire, and their eligibility has been confirmed.

- Once a student has earned the entirety of their allocated annual award amount, the student’s contract will terminate. Owing to this, it is important that students understand that a FWS position is not a viable substitution for permanent employment (part-time, or otherwise) within the private sector, nor is it intended to be.

- A-B Tech policy allows for FWS students to work no more than 20-hours per week, and FWS positions are not eligible to receive any type of employment-related insurance or retirement benefits through the College.

- FWS positions are not eligible to receive paid leave, sick days, or holiday compensation.

On-campus FWS positions will be located either on A-B Tech Asheville Campus on Victoria Road, or one of the college’s various satellite sites. Most on-campus positions will be located within walking distance from students’ classes and may allow greater flexibility in the scheduling of hours because of this. The current rate of pay for all on-campus FWS positions is $15.00 per hour.

Off-campus positions may be located anywhere within the community of Asheville and Buncombe County; and are affiliated solely with community-based, non-profit organizations, and institutions. The current rate of pay for all off-campus FWS positions is $18.00 per hour.

The FWS program provides students with a supplemental source of income designed to be scheduled around classes. This provides a balanced relationship between employment and academic pursuits.

Further, employment in the FWS program promotes academic and professional networking, as well as being a solid foundation for building a future resume to seek employment after graduation. Supervisors are often able to serve as references and/or recommendations for FWS students as they enter the workforce in their chosen career field.

No. However, some positions may be posted with a “preferred” qualification for a specific program (or programs) of study at A-B Tech. While this does not prevent students in other programs from applying, it should be understood in these cases that students from the stated preferred program(s) will be given preference for hire.

Students who wish to participate in the FWS program must have submitted and completed a current-year FAFSA application through Complete the FAFSA® Form be enrolled for at least six (6) or more in-program credit hours per semester; be meeting all federal and institutional Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards, and must have an available unmet need on their financial aid account as determined by the Financial Aid Office. Students who have been selected for hire by an FWS supervisor must be vetted for eligibility by the Financial Aid Office, with hire being contingent upon meeting the above criteria. Students who are currently employed as Student Employees by existing A-B Tech offices, departments, or divisions are not eligible to be hired concurrently to FWS positions.

Current active position postings can be found on the Federal Work-Study Position Directory. Students should read the program overview and make sure they understand the guidelines found there, before browsing the links for active position postings found at the bottom of the page. If a student finds a position posting that they are interested in applying for, they may complete the Federal Work-Study Student Application online.

Yes— however, it is incumbent upon a student who applies for more than one position to a) be aware that they can only accept hire to one position, and b) that they should communicate their final decision of accepting a position to any other supervisors to whom they have submitted applications but will not be accepting employment with.

No. Like any other type of job, being selected for hire to an FWS position is dependent upon interviewing with a supervisor who ultimately determines that you are the right candidate for the position. Applying, or even being selected for an interview, does not guarantee that you will be hired for a position. If you are not selected for hire for a position you have applied/interview for, you may return to the FWS Position Directory and continue to apply to other available positions. If you have applied for a position but are ultimately not selected, you should receive a notification of non-selection from the hiring supervisor via phone or email within two (2) weeks of the date your application was submitted for review. If you have not received a reply from the hiring supervisor within the specified two (2) week timeframe, please contact the Financial Aid Office at for inquiry (specifying the position title, the hiring supervisor, and the date of your application submission).

FWS Program policy advises supervisors to reply to applicants within approximately two (2) weeks from the date of the application’s receipt, though exact timeframes may vary. Students who have not received a reply within the approximate two (2) week time period may reach out to the supervisor in question for an update on their status, or contact the Financial Aid Office at for assistance from the FWS Coordinator (include the specific position applied for in the subject heading).

While there is not a specific award amount that will be applicable to every FWS student in every case, awards for on-campus students will typically be in the $5,000-$6,000 dollar range; while off-campus awards will typically be in the $7,000-$8,000 range (depending on available eligibility). An FWS award is applied to the entirety of the regular academic year, between August and May, typically split evenly between the two semesters.

FWS students are paid once a month, on the last day of the month, either via direct deposit or paper check.

Most FWS positions are allocated for the duration of the regular academic year: August through May (fall and spring semesters). However, if a student exhausts their award allocation prior to the end date stipulated on their award year contract, the student must cease working at the point that the funds are been depleted.

Questions pertaining to specific FWS postings and positions should be addressed to the respective supervisors (supervisor email contact information can be found at the bottom of each active FWS position posting). Questions about the overall FWS program can be directed to , where Financial Aid Office staff will be happy to assist students with basic inquiries; or facilitate a meeting with the FWS Coordinator by appointment.

A Student Employee position is one in which a student has been hired by a particular office, department, or division at A-B Tech and is funded by a budget provided by the College. It does not require FAFSA eligibility, is not associated with Title IV funding requirements, and is not influenced or mandated by FWS policy or procedures, nor is it administered by the Financial Aid Office in any way.

A Federal Work-Study (FWS) position is one that is dependent upon FAFSA eligibility, relies on Title IV funding/ award limitations, and is subject to institutional policies as administered and governed by the Financial Aid Office in accordance with federal guidelines. 

These two types of positions are separate classifications and are not in any way associated. They have separate policies, separate budgets, and separate parameters for pay rates. A-B Tech's Human Resources department has determined that a student can obtain one or the other of these positions, but cannot fill both simultaneously.

If you are currently employed as a Student Employee of the college, please be advised that you cannot be hired as an FWS student while your Student Employee status remains active.