Course Section Identifiers

Effective Summer 2022, section designators changed.

Every curriculum (for credit) course at A-B Tech includes section designators, which indicate where, how, and when the class is taught.

The meaning of each course section designator is listed below.

New 2022SU Section Designators

Location/Delivery/Time Identifiers (Where and How the Class Is Taught)

  • E — A-B Tech Enka
  • R — A-B Tech Madison
  • W — A-B Tech Woodfin
  • X — Off-campus location (hospital, clinical, etc.)
  • C — Co-requisite section for MAT or ENG gateway courses
  • OA — Online Asynchronous (students and instructor do not meet online at the same time)
  • OS — Online Synchronous (students and instructor meet online at the same time)
  • SA — Seated Asynchronous (student may attend in person or access class online at their convenience)
  • SS — Seated Synchronous (student may attend in person or access class online at a designated time)
  • H — Hybrid (51-99% online)
  • B — Blended (50% or less online)
  • Z — Hy-Flex Option
  • I — Independent Study
  • T — Dental Assisting
  • Y — Dental Hygiene
  • F — Friday Only
  • Q — Cross-listed between two locations (formerly ITV)
  • L — Late-Start (14-week or 15-week class)
  • M — Minimester (eight-week class)


A-B Tech Asheville Campus (on Victoria Rd.) does not have a Location identifier. All other Locations have a Location Identifier (E, R, W, X).

Sections no longer have a time identifier. Night sections generally start around 6:00 p.m.

Traditional seated (face-to-face) classes do not have a delivery method Identifier. All other delivery methods will use an identifier (OA, OS, H, B)



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