Sponsorships (Third Party)

What is a Third Party Sponsorship?

A student needing financial assistance can petition a third-party sponsor to take financial responsibility for some or all of the student’s educational costs at A-B Tech. After a third-party sponsorship agreement has been made, documented, and submitted, A-B Tech bills the sponsor for the agreed-upon amount, leaving the student responsible for any remaining balance.

For detailed information about A-B Tech's sponsorship program, please read the Third-Party Sponsor Agreement the Sponsored Student Checklist, and the instructions below.


Types of Third Party Sponsors


Employers can enhance employee skills or provide tuition assistance benefits by offering third-party sponsorships to their employees. Some employers cover only those costs related to the employee’s specific job, while other employers pay for all of an employee’s educational expenses.


Governmental and Nongovernmental Organizations

Certain government agencies and private workforce assistance programs offer third-party sponsorships to students enrolled in their programs.


529 Plans

529 Plans are savings plans designed to encourage saving for future college costs through conditional tax-saving features. Practically, these plans are effective only when created well in advance of the student's expected enrollment date. To find out more about 529 plans for yourself or another, read the SEC's Intro to 529's and FINRA'S Saving for College website.

To learn more about the requirements for college savings plan-sponsored students, please read the 529 Student Instructions.


Nonresident Students! Get In-State Tuition!


According to North Carolina state law, businesses based in the state who wish to sponsor current employees who do not qualify for in-state tuition can do so and receive in-state tuition rates.

To learn more about the requirements for this tuition waiver, read A-B Tech’s Nonresident Employee Sponsorship Agreement.



According to North Carolina state law, a nonprofit organization, incorporated in NC and classified as a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) can sponsor up to 5 nonresident students annually, at in-state tuition rates, as long as they live in the State of North Carolina.

To learn more about this tuition waiver, read the following:


Other Tuition Assistance Options


Instructions for Sponsored Students

Please follow our Sponsored Student Checklist for guidance through the sponsorship process.


Important Notes:

Sponsors must have agreement forms submitted at least one week prior to the semester payment deadline *

* Sponsorships can be obtained after the payment deadlines. However, the student must pay any balance by the payment deadline and will be refunded by A-B Tech after the sponsor has assumed responsibility for the student’s obligations.

Registration or Allowance Changes after submission of initial agreement forms require resubmission of the revised agreement form.

Books and Supplies allowances must be approved on the agreement form prior to the use of funds at the bookstore.


Sponsorship Bookstore Purchases

Sponsorships often cover books and supplies but frequently limit the number of funds and types of items and that can be purchased at the bookstore. Therefore, purchases must be approved on the sponsorship agreement form and submitted to the business office prior to purchase at the bookstore.

Students will be emailed an E-Voucher which must be presented to the cashier at checkout.

For more information about the use of E-Vouchers, contact the Business Office at (828) 398-7152 or the Bookstore at (828) 398-7227.


Terms and Conditions

Sponsor Terms and Conditions


Sponsorship Deadlines

  • Academic Calendar
  • Agreement Forms – One week prior to Payment Deadline
  • Bookstore Voucher – Two days before the opening of the bookstore financial aid purchase period
  • Registration Changes – One week after Payment Deadline