15th Annual Plant Sale April 30


We are joining the COVID-19 approved ASAP Farmers Market on Thursday, April 30.The market takes place from 9 am till noon on campus and is open to the public! We will be set up there with our plants; however, it will be a reduced selection. The good news is there will be other vendors to fill in the gaps. Please visit us first though!!Here is the link to this market.

Come early for best selection!!

Note: We will not be collecting money at the market. Instead, we will provide you with a link to the A-B Tech Foundation which will allow you to make a tax deductible donation for your plants. All proceeds go directly to the Gnilka Memorial Scholarship. Thanks for your continued support and stay well!!

Plant Sale List 2020

Use the codes to look up at FEDCO Seeds


970B - Halona Muskmelons
980B - Golden Gopher - Biodynamically Grown Muskmelons
1028C - Sugar Baby - Organic Red & Pink Flesh
1072B - Moon and Stars - Organic Red & Pink Flesh
1218C - Sassy Pickling Cucumbers
1340C - Marketmore 86 - Organic Slicing Cucumbers
1406D - Spineless Beauty Zucchini
1489C - White Bush Lebanese Summer Squash
1507D - Gentry Yellow Summer Squash
1580C - Sunburst Patty Pan Squash
1616C - Spaghetti Spaghetti Squash
1687C - Waltham Butternut
1719C - New England Pie Culinary Pumpkins
1962D - Luffa Luffa
1966D - Large Bottle or Birdhouse Large Gourds
2407B - King Richard - Organic Leeks
2442C - Camelot Shallots
2445B - Cabernet - Organic Red Summer Onions
2592B - New Zealand Spinach Specialty Greens
2862A - Better Devil - Organic Romaine Lettuce
2980B - Lettuce Mix Lettuce Mix
3036D - Bright Lights Chard
3059B - Watercress - Organic Perennial Greens
3158A - Gigante d’Italia Parsley
3224B - Fun Jen Chinese Cabbages
3247C - Osaka Purple - Organic Mustards
3283A - Red Shiso Shiso
3309C - Green Super Broccoli
3352A - Golden Acre Green Cabbages
3378B - Melissa Savoy Cabbages
3449B - Scarlet - Organic Curly Kale
3465B - Dazzling Blue - Organic Dinosaur Kale
3616B - Afina Cutting Celery Celery
3624A - Ventura - Biodynamically Grown and Certified Organic Celery
3673C - Pingtung Long Elongated Eggplants
3685C - Black King Bell-shaped Eggplants
3695B - Cajun Jewel - Organic Okra
3701D - Takii’s New Ace Sweet Bells
3758D - Karlo - Organic Paprika
3769D - Aconcagua Elongated Sweet Peppers
3834D - Early Jalapeño Hot Peppers
3856D - Ho Chi Minh - Organic Hot Peppers
3874C - Orange Habanero Hot Peppers
4012C - Purple Blush - Organic Tomatillos
4018C - Glacier - Organic Slicing Tomatoes
4049C - Pruden’s Purple - Organic Slicing Tomatoes
4054C - Goldie - Organic Slicing Tomatoes
4055C - Rutgers Original - Organic Slicing Tomatoes
4059C - Cherokee Purple - Organic Slicing Tomatoes
4061C - Black Krim - Organic Slicing Tomatoes
4077C - Pineapple - Organic Slicing Tomatoes
4106C - Honeydrop - Sustainably Grown Small-Fruited Tomatoes
4108C - Be My Baby - Organic Small-Fruited Tomatoes
4115C - Black Cherry - Organic Small-Fruited Tomatoes
4123C - Mr. Fumarole - Organic Paste Tomatoes
4138C - Speckled Roman - Organic Paste Tomatoes

4409A - Arnica Chamissonis - Organic Herbs
4411A - Ashwagandha - Organic Herbs
4412A - Astragalus - Organic Herbs
4468B - Kapoor Tulsi - Organic Basil
4470B - Thai Basil Basil
4509A - Catnip Herbs
4511A - Zloty Lan Herbs
4547B - Purple Coneflower - Organic Echinacea
4560A - Fennel - Organic Herbs
4587A - Lemongrass Herbs
4664B - Broadleaf Sage Herbs
4687A - German Thyme Herbs
4690B - Valerian Herbs


4832B - Hot Biscuits - Organic Amaranths
4886B - Panorama Red Bee Balm Bee Balm
4906B - Butterfly Weed Butterfly Weed
4927B - Solar Flashback Mix - Organic Calendulas
4956A - Cramer’s Amazon Celosia Celosias
5007A - Yellow Prairie Coneflower Coneflower
5072A - Drumstick Flower Drumstick Flower
5154B - Kiss-Me-over-the-Garden-Gate Kiss-Me-over-the-Garden-Gate
5282C - Empress of India Nasturtiums
5395B - Gloriosa Daisy Rudbeckias
5419B - Tricolor Salvia Salvias
5500B - Autumn Beauty Mix - Organic Sunflowers
5521B - Moulin Rouge Sunflowers

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