Graduates of the 2019-20 Trailblazer Leadership Academy

The RISE Committee along with the Executive Leadership Team would like to congratulate the graduates of the 2019-20 Trailblazer Leadership Academy:

  • Betsy J. Carr
  • Beverly Williamson
  • Cindy M. Moore
  • Damian L. Beavers 
  • Drake S Thomas
  • Heath Moody
  • Jennifer Browning
  • Joshua A. Davis
  • Kimberly B. Allen
  • Laura L. Haire
  • Laura Shears
  • Maria Spadaro
  • Nita Kirkpatrick
  • Pamela J. Griffin
  • Peter Kennedy

Not only did this group of employees demonstrate throughout the yearlong program their commitment to the principles of RISE, they also demonstrated their commitment to the program that is designed to develop leaders who think and collaborate in new and different ways.  


Please congratulate them on their success!


Barb Browning – Academy Facilitator

Shanna Chamber – ELT Sponsor


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