Gravitl Wins NC IDEA Micro Grant

GRAVITL, a recent A-B Tech Business Incubation participant, was awarded a $10,000 grant from NC IDEA through its MICRO grant cycle. GRAVITL is an IT company founded by Alex Feiszli. 

From the homepage, "The modern IT landscape is complex. The cloud is hard. That's why we started GRAVITL. Whatever mishmash of clouds and on-prem services you have, or however many edge locations, you should be in control. Don't let these systems limit you. Machines should work for us, not the other way around. To that end, we've created solutions that seamlessly coordinate all of your machines, no matter where they are."

NC IDEA, a private foundation committed to supporting entrepreneurial ambition and economic empowerment in North Carolina, has awarded nearly $1 million to 96 young companies across the state. The MICRO grant provides small amounts of funding to entrepreneurs who are testing a big, new business idea.

Feiszli said, "We're honored to receive this grant and look forward to growing our presence in Asheville and beyond with the funds it provides." The company also received funds to support a part-time internship over the summer. They are looking for a motivated developer who has ReactJS or Golang experience. Interested candidates should email

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