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Selective Admission to Allied Health programs including Medical Laboratory Technology is open now and closes March 6. Apply now to start classes in Fall 2020.

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Did you know that more than 70 percent of all decisions made by physicians regarding patient diagnosis and treatment is based upon lab results produced by Medical Laboratory Technicians? Students at A-B Tech learn how to perform clinical laboratory procedures in chemistry, hematology, microbiology, and immunohematology to be used for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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Instructor Susan Fender talks about what students do in lab

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Instructor Susan Fender’s Special Clinical Microbiology class devoted a lab session earlier this week to testing urine specimens for bacteria types. After incubating the test for 24 hours, students were able to read the results using mathematical and scientific concepts.

“The most suited and successful students have an interest in science, are very detail oriented, good at critical thinking and multitasking,” said Department Chair Melissa Hyatt. “A majority of our students are individuals who want to work in health care but prefer limited patient contact. This a 100 percent exact science field. That’s where detail oriented and organization are needed. Our students are very intentional about their career choices.”


Student Eric Acheff talks about his career goals.

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The students have one full year of clinical internships before they can graduate in order to get the hands-on learning essential for success.

Student Lexi Sink said she had thought about becoming a pre-med student with her love of science but found the Medical Laboratory Technology program instead. “I really like the testing and everything that goes on behind the scenes,” she said. Her goal is to work in a microbiology lab after she graduates. Employment opportunities in Medical Laboratory Technology include laboratories in hospitals, medical offices, industry, and research facilities.


Prepping Solution for Testing

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According to Hyatt there is a critical national shortage of medical lab technicians. For the past three years, all of A-B Tech’s graduates have been placed in jobs and more technicians are needed. “The problem may stem from the fact that med lab techs aren’t as visible and as known as other members of the health care team such as nurses,” Hyatt said.


Using a pipette

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