November RISE Spotlight

This month’s RISE Spotlight belongs to the College campus for the hundreds of items donated on Professional Development Day for the food pantry. Items included breakfast items, snacks, canned goods, school supplies, pet food, and personal hygiene items.

“Laura Shears and Jillian McMeans really took the lead with helping make this food drive a huge success.  Without them, I am not sure where the food would have been stored since the existing pantries are limited in terms of space,” said Barb Browning, Director of Learning and Design.

“When they learned about the food drive, they made the recommendation to create the College’s newest pantry. They felt that having a pantry in this location was essential in terms of the students that Ferguson serves every day, including the Vet Café, the Academic Learning Center and many more.  Dr. King was very supportive of this endeavor and within a couple of days, the space was transformed and ready for the food drive."

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