Radiography Study Session for Final Exam Soaks Students – and One VP

Students preparing for the finals in Radiography have a unique way of reviewing the material via water balloons.

According to Instructor René Brooks, the students pair off with one water balloon between them. On her call, they toss the balloon. “If it breaks, the person who failed to catch/protect it must then answer a review question in order to continue playing,” she said.

If they answer correctly, they get another water balloon and will continue in the game. if they answer incorrectly, they are out and the remaining partner must then pair with someone else.   Brooks then opens the question to the entire class at this point, and we use it as an opportunity to discuss the subject. After every four-five tosses, a partner has to step backward.

This continues until there is only one person remaining.  “I usually give a point or two on the final exam to the winner.  This review is always a hit, probably because we do it in the summer semester.  And if you have a competitive class, they really have fun while reviewing the material,” Brooks said.

No matter how unusual the tactics are, they seem to be working, because the Radiography program posted a 100 percent pass rate for the certification exam for the 17th year in a row.

Two people dumping water on vice president Stewart

Dr. Beth Stewart, Vice President for Instructional Services, came to watch the study session and got pulled into the fun.

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