Student Support Services Reorganized to Enhance Services

In order to best continue the excellent service provided to students and faculty, Student Services has reorganized the former Student Advising and Support Services department by creating two distinct departments, Student Support Services and Student Advising and Testing. 

“I’m very excited about this reorganization of our advising and support services department. In effect, what we have done is split this large department into two smaller more focused, energized departments,” said Terry Brasier, Vice President of Student Services.

As part of this reorganization, two new Directors have been named to provide leadership for these departments. Heather Pack has been named the Director of Student Support Services.  Heather is responsible for personal counseling, disability services/accommodations, career counseling and veterans services. 

“Career counseling will be changing the most,” Pack said. “It will be available for all students - curriculum and continuing education and it will no longer be workshop-based, but individual appointments.” She said personal counseling will be expanded for all students, as well.

“Our support services side will provide us with more focus on critical areas such as disability services, personal counseling, veterans services, and allow us to expand on our existing career services, which is a critical part of student success,” Brasier said.

Student Support Service will also employ a new grant called Single Stop, which is a proactive program used to identify student needs on the front end of enrollment that will foster progress toward degree completion. “Single Stop will help identify and connect students with resources and services, both internal and external,” he said.

Jenna Deal has been named Director of Student Advising and Testing Services. Jenna is responsible for college-wide academic advising, initial program placement, and the comprehensive testing and assessment center.  

“We will continue to assist students with program placement, and work with unclassified students, RIBN students, GOT Pre-Allied Health, as well as International Students. We will do placement tests for new students and still do proctored curriculum testing for instructors,” Deal said.

Deal will be able to work more directly with faculty in advising in the new position. “I plan to offer PD workshops and training. Be on the lookout for that,” she said.

“In her new role, Jenna will also prioritize building relationships with faculty advisors to implement a more comprehensive college-wide, appreciative advising model,” Braiser said.

Heather can be reached at or 398-7141.

Jenna can be reached at or 398-7164.

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