A-B Tech Veterinary Technology Program Makes National List

A-B Tech's Veterinary Medical Technology program has been ranked 37th nationally by The Best Colleges Top 50 Veterinary Technician programs.


The team at The Best Colleges strives to connect prospective students with the best degree programs available. This year, they reviewed all accredited veterinary technician degree programs in the US to select 50 that provide hands-on learning with a variety of animal species.


“This honor has been brought about completely by the combined efforts of the late Chairperson Dr. Lori Tapp, DVM, and the current Chairperson Ms. Paige Jimeson, RVT, who, with their wonderful faculty, have worked tirelessly to offer a Program of rigor, outstanding instruction, and exposure of the students to many hundreds of small and large animals,” said Jon Wiener, Dean Allied Health at A-B Tech.


“As the Vet Med Tech accreditation site team stated to us in September, the partnership of the Program with the Buncombe County Animal Shelter is an unusual and amazing opportunity for the students to see many hundreds of more animals than in most other programs around the country. Combine that with dedicated and outstanding instructors, and what results is a nationally ranked program,” he said.


The Veterinary Medical Technology curriculum prepares individuals to assist veterinarians in preparing animals, equipment, and medications for examination and surgery; collecting specimens; performing laboratory, radiographic, anesthetic, and dental procedures; assisting in surgery; and providing proper husbandry of animals and their environment.


A-B Tech’s Veterinary Medical Technology is fully accredited by the Committee on Veterinary Technical Education and Activities (CVTEA) which is a committee of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Each year students sit for the Veterinary Technician National Examination and for the past two years, the College has had a 100 percent pass rate. The program also was recognized in 2017 as one of the top 30 programs in the nation by VeterinarianEDU.org


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