Welding Students at Madison Assist Fire Department

Welding students at A-B Tech Madison remodeled he top dome from a railroad tank car. Asheville Fire Department procured it through Norfolk Southern and it was taken from a derailment incident in the past.

Hazardous materials technicians must be familiar with the workings of the dome during an accident involving a tank car. The dome is very heavy and difficult to maneuver without something like our welding students created.

The students first had to remove the pipes that protruded from it and grind it flush. Then they cut a plate for it to sit on, welded it in place and cut holes in that plate to simulate the experience of a working safety car. After this was done, the students welded heavy duty wheels under it to make it mobile.

Wes Rogers, Training Division Chief of Asheville Fire Department sends their appreciation, adding “It will definitely allow our Haz Mat Technicians to be better prepared to respond to tank car incidents.”

Thanks to Instructor Susan Russell for allowing the students this training opportunity and to help our community.

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