Woodfin Receives New Ambulance

A new ambulance was delivered to the EMS program at A-B Tech Woodfin to teach EMS driving technique.  “Driving an ambulance is not all about going fast, it’s more important to deliver a smooth ride for the patient and the people standing up in the back, treating the patient,” said Clint Gorman, Dean of Emergency Services.

EMS driving classes teach defensive driving, low speed maneuvering, backing, and how to deliver a quick but smooth ride. The chassis is a brand-new Ford F-350, the patient box is refurbished; taken from a used ambulance and re-painted and refurbished to be like new inside but significantly less expensive.  “A refurb is great for training as it gives us current-use technology but at a much less cost,” Gorman said.

Pictured is Chair of the EMS Program Anthony Green with the delivery driver from Taylor Made Ambulance Operations.

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