Associate Degree Nursing (A.A.S.) Cost Estimate

Tuition (NC Resident) $1,216 (16+ credit hours) per Semester
$76/credit hour (1-15 hours) per Semester
Computer Use and Technology Fee

$48 per Semester

Activity Fee $35 (Fall and Spring semesters only)
CAPS (Campus Access,Parking and Security) Fee $20 per Semester
Matriculation Fee $6 per Semester
Student Insurance $2 per Semester
Consumable Supply Fees

$440 for the entire program


$1,285 for the entire program

  • Lab kits for the first semester - $155
  • Clinical tools (watch, penlight, stethoscope, bandage scissors) - $160
  • Two uniform tops and two bottoms, undershirt, socks, shoes, and program patch (optional jacket & surgical cap) - $360
Background Check and Drug Screen

$125 (includes immunization tracker)


Cost included with drug screen and background check.

CPR Certification


Health Physical Exam


Professional Certification Exam

Professional Licensure NCLEX-RN Exam  $300

  • NA II Certification Fees $24 (optional)
  • NAI Entrance Requirement $520 (required)
  • Nursing Pin $50 (optional)
  • Simulation EMR and virtual simulation access $460 (one-time program cost, second semester)
  • Proctored NCLEX practice exams $130 (+taxes & fees) for semesters 1-3 and $300 (+taxes & fees) for semester 4 & 5
  • A basic laptop with a current operating system and webcam. $500 (cost will vary depending on brand and specifications).
  • Graduation Fees $38

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