Human Resources Development (HRD)

HRD Fee Waiver Guidelines

Individuals enrolling in courses offered through the Job Preparedness (HRD) Program may be granted a waiver of registration fees if they meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Are unemployed;
  2. Have received notification of pending layoff;
  3. Are working and are eligible for the federal earned income tax credit;
  4. Are working and earning wages at or below two hundred percent (200%) of the federal poverty guidelines.

Introduction to Composites

Composites are used extensively in aircraft as well as automobile, marine, and motorcycle manufacturing. This introduction class will give you one day of hands-on experience with composite ply layup, rapid ply cutter operation, bagging fundamentals, and autoclave operation. During this 8-hour class you will layup your own coaster and cook it in an autoclave.


Introduction to Machining

Machining is a vital part of every product we use today. This introduction to machining will give you an overview of blueprint reading, precision measuring tools, and hands-on experience at the lathe. In this 8-hour project-based class you will make a part you can take home for yourself. This will be a spinning top that you can enjoy as well as the children.


Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing

In this one-day class, you will be given an introduction to the skills and concepts needed to succeed and progress in the modern-day manufacturing environment. Subjects include those covered in the MSSC Certified Production Technician class: workplace safety, quality control, manufacturing processes, and maintenance awareness, leading into an introduction to basic electrical, mechanical, and troubleshooting concepts. This will culminate in each student being able to build their own electrical motor in class to give hands-on experience of concepts taught in Industrial Maintenance Academy.


Introduction to Industrial Maintenance

IMA courses individually cover three primary areas of industrial technology: Mechanical, Electrical, and Automation/Mechatronics. These courses provide an introduction to the basics of industrial technology and explore areas of expertise needed to service manufacturing in the high-demand position of maintenance technician.

Come explore! Check-out material covered and experience “hands-on” tech encountered by sampling each of the three Industrial Maintenance Academy areas of training--all in one day. See what it’s all about and if this might be a career path for you! Call (828) 398-7934 or email to sign up today.

Computer Skills for Job Seekers

Operating a computer is a necessary life skill for finding and maintaining gainful employment. Come learn basic computer skills that can enhance your search for employment. Included in this class is an overview of basic computer concepts, uses of hardware, applications, and programs. This course will familiarize you with the computer, develop basic keyboarding skills, and increase your comfort level with computers. Develop basic Microsoft Word skills that you can use to create or update a resume and cover letter. Create an email account to sharpen your email skills and learn email etiquette. Learn to surf the web to search and apply for jobs. At the end of this course students should be comfortable operating a Windows based computer, creating, and managing E-mail accounts, finding information on the internet, and using computer for researching, finding employment and using the internet for job posting online.


Computer Skills for the Workplace

Improve computer skills while developing employability skills. Students will learn the basics of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and how to use these programs in day-to-day settings as well as in job search efforts. Work on resumes, cover letters, presentations, budgets, and more. You will also learn computer file management skills to save your work on the hard drive, USB device, and cloud services, as well as moving, copying, naming, uploading, and changing file types. And also improve basic keyboarding skills. This course sets the foundation for other computer courses.


Google Application Basics: Job Searching and Employment Skills using Google Applications

Learn how the free Google Suite of Applications can aid in your job search from setting up a Gmail account to communicate with all potential employers, keeping up with important interviews with Calendar, save your resume and cover letter in Drive after you have created them in Docs, use Keep for your To Do list, calculate using Google Sheets and so much more. Not only can you get your job search organized you will be on your way to being a well-organized employee. Maybe you will even transfer some skills into your home life.

STEP Career Resource Center

This employability lab is designed to give you the tools you need to be successful in your job search including job search techniques and interviewing skills. You will be able to work independently, or with an A-B Tech instructor, on job search and career development. Computers with internet access are available for online job searches, completing applications, creating resumes, and working on WorkKeys Curriculum. Monthly workshops and employer recruitment events will be held.

For more information, please call (828) 239-3559. Located in the Eddington Center at 133 Livingston St.


Career Connections

Career Connections Employability Lab is an open computer lab where students can receive structured job search assistance to increase their success in their job search and in the workplace. The focus will be placed on resume preparation and updating, cover letters, job applications, job search, online job search, individualized career coaching, and overall encouragement.

For more information, call Goodwill (828) 298-9023 ext 4. Located in the Goodwill Training Center at 1616 Patton Ave.


Career Lab

In this open employability lab, you will receive individualized job search assistance introducing you to the most current job search techniques, interviewing skills, and essential employability skills. You can work independently or with an A-B Tech instructor on job search and career development. Computers with internet access are available for online job searches, online applications, resume creation, and revision. You can also work to prepare for the WorkKeys assessment.

Please call (828) 251-6200 for more information. Located in NC Works Asheville Career Center at 48 Grove St.

WorkKeys Curriculum

Learn the work readiness skills you need to be successful in today's workplace. WorkKeys Curriculum is an easy-to-use free online course. Topics covered include job search skills, resumes, interviewing, workplace ethics, life management, and employer expectations. Students can strengthen applied math, graphic literacy, and workplace document skills in preparation for the national Career Readiness Certificate assessment. This online tutorial can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or mobile device with a browser that supports HTML5 and is designed to increase your skill levels quickly and efficiently. It is offered for free through a partnership with the Mountain Area Workforce Development Board and A-B Tech.

For more information, call (828) 398-7760.


Guest Service Professional Hospitality

Guest Service Professional Hospitality is a comprehensive 6-hour program to train guest service-oriented line-level employees how to provide memorable customer service. Core components include invitational hospitality training which includes the seven key elements required to consistently deliver the very highest levels of guest service in all areas of the hospitality industry. Through class activities, students learn how to anticipate guest needs, deliver memorable experiences, and turn around difficult situations. No time in position is required for participation, giving students a marketable edge when applying for their first hospitality job.

Upon completion, the student will receive a certificate from A-B Tech and will qualify to sit for the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute Guest Service Gold Certification. This training will include introductions to networking and the benefits it offers in building your professional image as well as tips for unlocking exciting job prospects. These techniques will involve learning essential skills that will help you land your next job and build important relationships to open new career opportunities. It will examine interpersonal methods for in-person, email, and social media contacts. The class will include tutorials on setting up a LinkedIn account.

Call Goodwill to register at (828) 298-9023 ext. 11161.


Guest Service Professional Tourism

Just as one bad apple can spoil the bunch, one negative online review can spoil your business's chances of attracting new guests. And for tourism destinations, it can be even worse--negative feedback can impact an entire city or region. The reputations of hotels and museums, taxi companies, and restaurants, all contribute to a destination's profile. The Guest Service Gold® Tourism program features seven elements: Recovery: Turn It Around, Personalization: Provide an Individualized Experience, Knowledge: Be in the Know, Passion: Inspire Others, Commitment: Be All In, Inclusion: Include Everyone, and Personality: Be Yourself. Upon completion, the student will receive a certificate from A-B Tech and will qualify to sit for the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute Guest Service Gold Certification.

Call Goodwill to register at (828) 298-9023 ext. 11161.

Maximizing Interview Skills

Interviewing causes everyone all over the world some anxiety, but better preparation and knowledge about the interviewing process will decrease your anxieties. This class is designed to help you curb your nervousness, feel more confident, and stand out from the crowd. You will learn how to interview from start to finish and develop a written plan of action for your job search. You will learn how to answer the new behavioral/situational type interview questions, dress for your interview, interview dos and don'ts, and tips for cover letters and resumes. Don't be left out, sign up today for the next class and get prepared to be hired.


Resume and Interview Skills

In this class, you will learn how to develop a resume or polish the one you already have and how to target your resume to match employer needs. You will learn the latest tips and techniques to help you develop and polish your interviewing skills. Other classroom topics include dressing for success and the importance of cover letters and thank you notes. Students are encouraged to set goals and create a written career plan.