Advanced Manufacturing Training

We offer short-term (non-degree) open enrollment courses and programs throughout the year at the Advanced Manufacturing Center that focus on the most prominent local industry sectors. Those programs include:

  • Fundamentals of Machining: 15 weeks, 330 hours- hands-on experience with mills, lathes, drill presses, saws, bench grinders, and CNC machines. Topics include safety, shop math, blueprint reading, Lean principles, problem solving, CNC machining. Graduates can be placed immediately into related industry jobs.
  • CNC 101: 6 weeks, 110 hours- emphasis on CNC programming, setup, operation, troubleshooting and maintenance, general machining principles, shop math, problem solving, Lean principles, and shop safety. Graduates can be placed immediately into related industry jobs.
  • Industrial Maintenance Academy: Three sequential classes totaling 16 weeks to complete the IMA certificate, or take any of the classes individually as desired. Electrical Foundations, Controls and Automation, Mechanical Principles. Skills that can either introduce or enhance mechanical aptitude that apply to lucrative employment in the industrial maintenance or machine setup and operation fields. Hands-on skills include instrumentation, electrical fundamentals, hydraulics and pneumatics, motors and controls, mechanical systems, programmable logic controls, process controls, systems integration, automation, preventative maintenance, safety. Graduates can be placed immediately into related industry jobs.
  • Certified Production Technician: a combination of instructor-led online computer modules and self-guided online study. This course prepares students to pass the four exams required to receive the Certified Production Technician certification from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council. Students work at their own pace with online or in-person instructor guidance.
  • Continuous Improvement: several different classes that move trainees along in various segments of Lean/Six Sigma principles – 5S, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt.
  • Forklift (Powered Industrial Truck): one 8 hour day or two 4 hour days.
  • Aerospace Composites: 10 weeks, 96 hours- introduction to manufacturing processes and the use of composites in aviation, as well as the automotive, marine, and recreational industries. Hands-on experience cutting and laying up composite material, shop math, precision measuring, blueprint reading, automated ply cutting, vacuum bagging techniques, and autoclave use for composites curing. 15 weeks, 330 hours. Graduates can be placed immediately into related industry jobs.

Other shorter-duration open enrollment training includes:

  • 5S+ Safety: 1 day, 4-hours
  • OSHA 10 General Industry: 2 days, 10-hours
  • Bloodborne Pathogens (Industrial Safety): 1 day, 2-hours
  • First Aid/CPR/AED (Industrial Safety): 1 day, 8-hours

Taking these courses provides essential skills needed for today's hi-tech industries, and our programs connect students to local industries that are hiring.

For more information on Advanced Manufacturing training contact Betsy Carr at (828) 398-7295 or