Leadership is a critical part of any successful team. Learn the latest methods and skills needed to manage. 


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Developing the competencies of supervisors is critical for business success. In this series, supervisors will learn and practice the necessary skills to effectively establish trusting employee relationships, effectively lead a team, and tactfully manage issues as they arise. Topics highlighted in this series may include:

  • Basic Legal Knowledge & Practices
  • Managing Performance & Attracting Talent
  • Conflict Resolution & Team Building
  • Innovation & Problem-solving
  • Team Effectiveness & Accountability
  • Leadership & Project Management
  • Operational Improvements & Strategic Planning


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Ken Blanchard Building Trust® teaches supervisors how to revive and nurture relationships in the workplace by talking about trust. The Building Trust program is built on the ABCD Trust Model – a simple yet powerful tool that teaches the four elements of trust that are critical to creating and sustaining trustful relationships. Participants gain awareness of and sensitivity to the behaviors that influence trust and learn how to build and sustain trust effectively. For more information: The Ken Blanchard Companies — Building Trust.

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Ken Blanchard Coaching Essentials® is a workshop that helps managers adopt more coach-like behaviors. This class helps leaders to integrate coaching into their leadership style by developing coaching skills and applying new behaviors to help employees reach higher levels of performance and professional development. For more information: The Ken Blanchard Companies — Coaching Essentials.

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Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership II® – SLII is the most widely used leadership training program in the world, teaches leaders how to build meaningful connections with co-workers that create exponential impact. When this happens, employees are more productive and engaged, and organizations excel. Research shows that employees need different levels of direction and support depending on their level of competence and commitment. In this class, you’ll learn Ken Blanchard’s framework to diagnose the development level of employees and then use the appropriate directives and support behaviors to help them succeed. SLII is research-driven and universally effective, with proven results.  For more information: The Ken Blanchard Companies — SLII

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High Stakes, differences of opinions, and topics where emotions are heavily invested are times when we have to have Crucial Conversations. During these conversations, managers and supervisors can make or break relationships and affect production. Learn how to have hard conversations and build trust with co-workers.

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Ken Blanchard First-time Manager (formerly One Minute Manager)® helps new managers successfully transition from individual contributors to leaders of others. Participants are introduced to the three secrets of successful managers: Goal Setting, Praising and Redirecting. The program develops those secrets into a conversation framework that is easy for a new manager to understand and master. This is a great class for people who are promoted from a general population of co-workers into a team lead, supervisor, or manager role. The Ken Blanchard Companies — Blanchard Management Essentials Leadership Training Program

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Frontline supervisors are the backbone of an organization, bridging the vision and mission of a company with its performance. They do this by directly supervising the workforce, and through this, they are the key to whether the company is a success or a failure.

A majority of frontline leaders have never received training for the position. Developing competencies with respect as the foundation helps managers build their skills to become more effective leaders. Our Leadership Boot Camp was designed to address the leadership needs of floor managers and supervisors. The focus is on interpersonal skills and managing performance and is offered through a series of 7 four-hour workshops spaced over several weeks to help train managers at all levels.

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Successfully leading a team takes a unique and different set of skills than those of an individual contributor. It’s hard to be a good boss! Many leaders and managers have been promoted due to their individual competence, but struggle when it comes to leading and managing people. When managers fail, it is usually because they were unable to achieve important results. That failure typically stems from two causes:

They manage others before managing themselves;
They manage people instead of letting them manage themselves against shared expectations.

The 7 Habits for Managers® equips team leaders to address these basic issues and improve how they achieve sustainable results through and with others. This solution distinctly focuses on who a manager IS, not just what they DO. Its uniqueness is the lens of the 7 Habits framework — and the way it applies new mindsets, skills, and tools towards becoming a great leader who can consistently deliver results. This is a two or three-day (16 or 24 hour), interactive workshop.

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For more information, contact Page McCorkle, Associate Director for Business & Industry Services, at pagecmccorkle@abtech.edu or (828) 398-7921.