Faculty Resources

RISE Referrals

RISE-recommended sessions are available for students who need additional support in writing fundamentals, such as grammar, punctuation, and paragraph construction. RISE-required sessions can also be arranged for students who receive a grade of 69 or below on an assignment, so they can work to improve their draft and cultivate skills for future coursework. To complete a RISE referral, instructors should download the RISE fillable form in Acrobat Adobe Reader. Please download the latest Adobe Reader DC app to use this form. Once complete, the form can be emailed to the Writing Center at writingcenter@abtech.edu. While instructors should notify students of their referrals, representatives from the Writing Center will contact students to schedule appointments. All students referred for a RISE session are contacted via phone and/or email.

When filling out your RISE referral for a student, please include the following information:

  • The name and ID number of the student being referred.
  • Course and section number.
  • The type of RISE session you would like the student to attend; you may refer students for both services. For RISE-required sessions, please specify the assignment you would like the student to revise and check the elements of the paper that you would like to see improve.
  • Instructor’s signature, date of referral, and A-B Tech email address.

We recommend that instructors notify a student of their RISE referral prior to or in conjunction with their communication with the Writing Center so that the student understands what type of RISE session they are being referred for and what areas of revision have been identified in their writing. This initial notification will also prepare students to receive a phone call from the Writing Center to schedule their appointment(s).

Questions? Call the Writing Center at (828) 398-7218 or email the director.


In-class Workshops

The Writing Center offers in-class workshops to provide students with the opportunity to explore different facets of the writing process and develop effective strategies to bolster their development as writers. Existing workshop topics include:

  • "Brainstorming Strategies"
  • "Thesis Development and Revision"
  • "Source Integration"
  • "Revision Strategies"
  • "Rhetorical Terminology and Analysis"
  • "Resume Writing"

Instructors may contact the director to schedule a workshop. Workshops may be adjusted to best suit an instructor's pedagogical objectives, a course's subject matter, etc. Please schedule workshops at least two weeks in advance.


Embedded Tutoring

Faculty wishing for additional guidance and/or support in teaching composition may contact the Writing Center Director to discuss whether embedded tutoring is appropriate for their needs. Embedded tutors will attend the faculty member’s class on a previously agreed-upon schedule to provide writing support and more individualized instruction to students. Embedded tutors will also be available to support students through the Writing Center’s other services.