Student Testimonials

Read what our students have to say about their experience at the Writing Center!

“The Writing Center is such a valuable resource. Being an adult student, getting back into the swing of school was scary and challenging. Having the Writing Center to lean on for direction, support, and advice has made the transition much easier than I had anticipated. I highly recommend this resource to all students”
“Oskar gave insightful feedback and made suggestions and comments where needed. The Writing Center has supported me every semester, [and] my grades show it. I'm really appreciative [of] this amazing service.”
“Beth was easy to work with and helpful with revisions to my paper. I feel more confident to turn in my paper after our session. The secretary greeted me warmly as she welcomed me back to the Center because of my previous visits. I am always impressed when someone that greets so many people remembers the faces or names of someone returning to their station. I have never used the Writing Center prior to this semester because I have no confidence in my writing skills and have felt too embarrassed to have someone read my paper. Now I see that this was [an] unnecessary concern; everyone has been so kind and professional, and I am very appreciative of this service.”
“I am really glad that I used the Writing Center today. The staff made me feel less overwhelmed by the assignment and more confident in my writing. I am appreciative of resources like these that make education more accessible for students.”
“Jeff is so nice and pleasant to work with. Thank you for all of your help! It is greatly appreciated.”
“My tutor was helpful and supportive. She made me feel good about my progress and offered constructive feedback to improve my writing. The Writing Center has been a tremendous help. I am so glad the Writing Center is available for student support. Having people to lean on when I need a second set of eyes, especially a talented writer/teacher around, is very reassuring."
“Julie offered examples to help correct my direction and a place for me to practice my skills. She was positive and supportive. Julie is super helpful. I am glad she does online support. I was skeptical that online help would not be something I could find useful but she disproves that belief.”
“Rebecca was very friendly and so helpful. I feel much more confident in my paper after her help and have already recommended some of my classmates visit the Writing Center.”
“[My tutor] gave an excellent suggestion on how to approach writing without letting citations stress me out.”
All student testimonials were collected anonymously with students' consent from the Writing Center's post-session survey.