Eligibility and Documentation Guidelines

A student with a documented disability may be eligible for accommodations in their classes at A-B Tech. To be eligible for and receive accommodations, the student must:

  1. Have a documented disability that impacts learning and is in need of accommodations for access.
  2. Have contacted and initiated the process to receive accommodations with Support Services.


How do I know if I’m eligible?

If you have a documented disability that impacts your learning you may be eligible for accommodations.

  • Do you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to learn?
  • Does this disability make it hard to take tests in the traditional manner?
  • Have you received disability-related accommodations in the past?
  • Do/Did you have an IEP or 504 Plan in high school?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may be eligible for accommodations.


How do I receive accommodations at A-B Tech?

Students must complete a Request for Services form and provide documentation. Documentation may include educational records, medical records, reports, and assessments created by health care providers, school psychologists, therapists, etc.

Examples include:

  • Psycho-educational evaluations or re-evaluations which include the credentials of the evaluator.
  • Letter from your physician, psychiatrist, therapist, or counselor on letterhead including their credentials, signature, and date. This letter needs to identify the diagnosis and impact.

If you have questions regarding the documentation or the registration process, please contact us at the following information:

For more information, contact Support Services at:
A-B Tech Community College
340 Victoria Rd., Asheville, NC 28801