Benefits at A-B Tech

  1. Provide Veteran Services Coordinator with your VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Your COE is a letter from the VA that says what benefit you’re eligible for and how many months of entitlement you have. If you’re receiving the Post 9-11 GI Bill it will also say your percentage of eligibility. Students usually receive this letter about a month after they first apply for their benefits.
    • If you have not applied for your VA Education Benefit yet, you can do so on the VA’s website.
    • If you have applied for or used your benefit before, you may have your COE already. Post 9-11 GI Bill students may be able to view their “Statement of Benefits” through the VA’s website. A screenshot or PDF of this Statement of Benefits will work as a COE.
    • If you have used your benefit at another school you may need to complete a “VA Change of Program or Place of Training form”.
  2. Read, complete, and turn in the Student Statement of Understanding regarding the receipt of VA Education Benefits at A-B Tech.
  3. Order your Official Transcripts from all prior education, both high school, and college. The VA requires VA Education Benefit recipients to provide ALL transcripts to be assessed for transfer credit. The VA will not pay for you to retake classes that you have successfully passed.
  4. Notify the Veteran Services Coordinator after you register for classes every semester. You MUST do this every time you register for classes or change your schedule so that your classes can be certified to the VA. Failure to do so may result in your classes being dropped for non-payment.
  5. Check out the FAQs page. Most questions you may have about your VA Education Benefit should be answered there. If not or if you have further questions, contact the Veteran Services Coordinator at


Enrolling at A-B Tech

A student using VA Education Benefits will go through the same enrollment process as any other student. You can complete the entire enrollment process while you wait for your COE. Even if you are waiting for your COE, still let the Veteran Services Coordinator know as soon as you register for classes.

For answers to additional Frequently Asked Questions visit our VA FAQ’s page.