Global Education Committee

The Global Education Committee's focus is to bring an awareness of global issues to our campus. The committee seeks to promote relationships with international businesses in the region, to build a database of student projects and global resources, to encourage foreign language study and international travel, and to provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to be exposed to global content.

The Global Education Committee meets during the fall and spring semesters. Minutes are available on the Teams Sharepoint Site. All are welcome to attend.

The current members of the Global Education Committee are...

  • Kelly McEnany, Chair
  • Gigi Derballa
  • Phyllis Boone
  • John Davis
  • Melanie Parham
  • Marilee Bush
  • Jonathan Ross
  • Brinda Caldwell
  • Jonathan Grunder
  • Natasha Cramer
  • Kristen Schlaefer

The Global Education Committee's Members & Partners:

"A public service of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Our web site is intended to provide educators with information about our programs, outreach, and resources focused on 21st Century global education."

Asheville Sister Cities:
"Organized in 1988, Asheville Sister Cities International (ASCI) is an independent 501(c)3, that is people oriented community organization affiliated with the city of Asheville and Sister Cities International. In conjunction with local governments, it serves to promote international awareness and maintain good relations with the sister cities linked to Asheville. The Asheville Sister Cities program is open to all individuals and organizations in the Asheville community. Membership in the Sister Cities program promises to be a rewarding and fun experience! Join us for international film festivals, food tasting from around the world, travel opportunities, and a chance to promote peace through global friendship with our partner sister cities."

Center for Diversity Education (UNCA):
"Each year the Center for Diversity Education, through exhibits, road shows, a lending library, and staff development opportunities, provides direct and in-direct programming to over 20,000 students, teachers and citizens throughout WNC. The Center helps build relationships across differences to create a more inclusive and equitable community. The Center celebrates and teaches diversity in order to foster conversation and respect among cultures."

A-B Tech Diversity & Inclusion Committee:
"It is the philosophy of A-B Tech that diversity activities add cultural richness to our associations, support our College mission, and energize our campuses. The A-B Tech Diversity Committee advocates for a college-wide environment where everyone feels invited and included.

Contact the Coordinator/Chair of the Global Education Committee, Kelly McEnany at if you have any questions or would like to become involved.