Scholarship Buzz.. What are students saying?

Over 400 students receive A-B Tech Foundation scholarships totally over $480,000.  Here's what a few recipients had to say...

"This spring, I will graduate with my associate degree and transfer to a four year university to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or a Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology.  Your generous scholarship award not only helps me to achieve my dreams; it gives me the confidence that I am worthy of receiving all the help that I will need to reach my highest goals."  
— Sita Schussler (SEH Tabitha Foundation Scholarship)

"I plan to use my degree through the A-B Tech and Western Carolina University RIBN program to obtain an  RN position in a hospital, specializing in emergency and intensive care unit settings.  Your contributions mean more time I have to focus on my studies and perfect my ability to care for others."
— James Eddington (Susan Holden Scholarship Fund)

"I have been impressed with the Culinary Program and all the hands on learning that takes place, which is what really brought me to community college opposed to a university.  I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity to further my education and reach my goals."
— Isabel Moonshine (SEH Tabitha Foundation Scholarship)

"In March, I will take my national board which is the written exam.  In May, the day after I graduate, I will take my clinical board.  I look forward to practicing Dental Hygiene.  I cannot wait until I graduate and make a difference."
— Jennifer Blakely (JoVon Coli Allied Health Scholarship)

"My field of study is in Criminal Justice Technology.  With this degree I plan to become a law enforcement officer.  My education here at A-B Tech has changed my life."
— Hailey Shade (Yesterday's Tree Endowed Scholarship)

"Thank you for this opportunity.  I never knew this kind of help was out there.  I just got accepted into the Associate Degree Nursing program [and] the scholarship has only given me more motivation to keep on learning and achieving."
— Tamaira Munoz (JoVon Allied Health Scholarship)

"I am a second year student in the Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology program and I plan to graduate in December 2016.  I appreciate the generosity of this scholarship and the positive outlook it has brought to my education."
— Austin Taylor (Thomas W. Simpson Endowed Scholarship)

"My major is Early Childhood Education.  I am very grateful to receive this scholarship".
— Xia Gannaway (Asheville Breakfast Rotary Scholarship)