Asheville Radio Museum Bestowed Extensive Vintage Radio Collection

The Asheville Radio Museum, located on the campus of Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College and home to North Carolina’s premier teaching museum and collection of historic radios, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Allan Erdmann Collection of more than 50 diverse and notable radio receivers built from 1920 through the 1940s. Biruta Erdmann of Snow Hill, North Carolina, bequeathed the radios to the museum in memory of her late husband.

The collection is to be displayed in the Elm second floor lobby and at the museum (Elm room 315) when it reopens in February.  Ms. Erdmann expressed great pleasure that the radios would be on display in a college, where students would appreciate and learn from them.

“We are very thankful and honored by this amazing donation from Ms. Erdmann,” said Stuart Smolkin, Asheville Radio Museum’s secretary and curator. “We’re also grateful to the wonderful support  A-B Tech and its Engineering Department provide us in our endeavor to exhibit these newly acquired radios and other examples of radio technology.”

A highlight of the collection includes a Latvian-built 1930s receiver, carried by friends of Ms. Erdmann’s family during a perilous escape from Nazi-occupied Latvia. During their post-war stay in various refugee camps, the radio remained with the family and accompanied them to the U.S. The collection also includes a rare, pristine Atwater Kent model 217 cathedral receiver plus other significant radios such as a Freshman Masterpiece and a late 1920s Kolster AC powered radio.

Pictured - Atwater Kent model 217 cathedral receiver.

About The Asheville Radio Museum:

Founded in 2001, the Asheville Radio Museum provides visitors of all ages with a personalized learning experience about the technological, economic and cultural impact of radio. The museum houses more than 100 vintage amateur and commercial radios, representing the technology from its genesis through the mid 20th century. A registered non-profit corporation, the museum is located on the campus of Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. The museum offers small group tours and appointments outside of regular hours for out of town visitors.

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