A-B Tech, Goodwill, Biltmore taking Career Pipeline applicants for apprenticeship program

Broadcast on WLOS,  Jan. 21, 2022 

Applications are being accepted for the Career Pipeline program, which serves individuals in the community who have low levels of literacy and/or disabilities.

The integrated education and training program prepares students for jobs in the Asheville area, specifically with partners A-B Tech, Goodwill, the Biltmore Company, and Biltmore Farms.

Classes, which begin in February, will be held at the Goodwill Training Center on Patton Avenue. The program runs from February through June 2022.

Program leaders say the goal is to expose students to employment opportunities, provide specific training for success in the field, and offer a "pipeline" for successful employment in hospitality and tourism.

"We want to make sure that we have every opportunity available for anyone who's able to find work, who wants to find work, and that we create that pathway," said Rebecca Loli, director of Transitional Studies at A-B Tech. "It's also extremely important that we have a diverse workforce and we create opportunities for everyone."

Enrolled students participate in academic instruction focusing on workplace skill development, professionalism, and career-specific training.

At the same time, students participate in an apprenticeship with either the Biltmore Company or Biltmore Farms.

Participants must meet the following program requirements:

  • Desire to work
  • Not enrolled in a high school program
  • Attend classes and/or apprenticeship Monday through Friday
  • Work for 4 hours independently with limited or no assistance
  • Attain a valid score on a CASAS Reading test
  • Meet the physical requirements of the work
  • Participate in a group/cohort environment
  • Responsible for transportation

Of the seven program participants who participated in 2018-2019, six secured positions with the employer partners, Biltmore Company and Biltmore Farms.

For more information, contact Todd Barbee at todddbarbee@abtech.edu, 828-398-7131 or visit the website HERE.


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