Transitional Studies on No Limits

Enjoy our latest edition of the No Limits Radio show featuring hosts Duane Adams and Leronica Casey with special guest Rebecca Loli, Director of Transitional Studies at A-B Tech. Transitional Studies offers free pre-college education and training to students 16 and older to prepare them for college and the workplace.

Currently all classes are available online. High School Equivalency and Adult Basic Education Foundations classes have Zoom sessions on Thursdays so interested students can try the classes before enrolling. English Language Acquisition (ELA and formerly, ESL) will start its next session July 1 and 2. Learn more and find Zoom links at Adult Education

The programs are High School Equivalency Preparation, Adult High School, English Language Acquisition, and Adult Basic Education Foundations classes to support students developing academic, workplace, and independent living skills. Rebecca discusses the elements of each program on the show.

Watch the No Limits Transitional show here

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