Facilities Usage Regulations


In conjunction with the regulations on the Facility Usage Agreement, the following regulations apply when using a conference room or classroom at A-B Tech:

  • All reservations require a 25% Security Deposit in order to reserve the space.
  • Agencies providing proof of 501c-3 non-profit status may apply for a 50% discount off of the rental rate.
  • In the event of non-returned equipment, or damaged property relating to the room usage, costs will be charged to the agency.
  • The property in question shall not be used for purposes inconsistent with the legal and necessary functions of the College or for purposes opposed to the policy of the College.
  • Any individual or group of persons using any College property in a manner contrary to or violating any of the rules and regulations of the County, State, Federal or other government authority, or terms of this agreement, shall at the option of the College become debarred from any further or immediate use thereof, and any agreement made for such use shall forthwith at the option of the College become canceled, null, and void.
  • No College furniture or apparatus may be removed or displayed by the Lessee without permission from the Business Manager, Facilities & Operations, or their designee.  The Lessee must return all items to its proper place before leaving the facility.
  • The College building and the lawn in its immediate vicinity must be protected from any damage or maltreatment, and the Lessee is responsible for the condition in which they leave the building and property.  In the event any College property is damaged, lost, or stolen, the same shall be paid for by the Lessee.
  • Food and drink are not allowed unless space rented are conducive for such.  Therefore, Lessee must have permission to serve any refreshments.
  • College representatives shall be available for questions and will be empowered to enforce these regulations.
  • The Lessee shall provide a certificate of Lessee Liability Insurance (if applicable).
  • Charges shall be calculated based on a schedule maintained by the Coordinator, Events & Facilities plus necessary custodial services, and other special requirement costs. 
  • If the College is closed due to inclement weather, the borrowing agency will have to reschedule, as the College will not have staff on-premises to provide access to classrooms and maintain the safety of the parking lots and walkways.  Operating status can be verified by calling: (828) 398-7900.
  • The College assumes no liability for closures from any cause (ex.: weather, utility, equipment failure, etc.).
  • The College retains the right to cancel reservations at any time.
  • Any exception to the aforementioned guidelines requires the approval of the Vice President Risk Management & Operations or the College President.
  • A-B Tech is a Tobacco-Free Campus.  Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the campus.