Bear Sighting Report Form

Reporting Bear Activity - A-B Tech Community College, Asheville, NC

Before you fill out this form

Call campus police at (828) 398-7125 so they can provide support to protect the bears and people from interactions.

Let them know if you feel the bear's behavior is Normal, Concerning, and Threatening (see the A-B Tech Bear Behavior Level Flyer).

The police will contact the NCWRC Wildlife Helpline (866) 318-2401 if the bear is injured or Threatening.

Bears are often present on A-B Tech campuses. Please use this form to report any bear activity you see.

Your report will help communicate and monitor bear activity across campus.

Thank you!

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To view a detailed description of the different behavior levels visit A-B Tech Bear Behavior Level Flyer.
For further information on living responsibly with black bears please visit BearWise. A-B Tech is pleased and proud to work with the North Carolina Natural Wildlife Commission in this endeavor.

A-B Tech Community College does not condone the feeding, harassing, or disturbing of any wildlife found on campus. Encounters with bears, groundhogs/woodchucks, squirrels, foxes, deer, birds, and other species are possible and should be avoided. Any injuries to people or wildlife should be reported immediately to campus police at the Emergency number: (828) 398-7125. Information specific to safety around bears can be found at BearWise. Any individual who violates the above is subject to discipline under the Student Code of Conduct (students) or Human Resources Policy and Procedures 509.01 (employees) in addition to any applicable federal, state, or local laws.