Explore Careers

If you wish to explore on your own, please use these resources to learn more about yourself and potential career choices.

*Not all sites require you to log in. No log in information to these sites is tied to your A-B Tech accounts.

Gauge your personality and interests

  1. Human Metrics to determine your personality type.
  2. Personality Page and Type Logic to learn more about your specific combination.
  3. FOCUS 2 to learn more about other aspects of your interests, values, skills, etc.
  4. Career Coach to learn more about local data for Western North Carolina.

Informational Interviewing

Please use this list of questions as a guide as you speak with people in the field you're interested in.

Other Resources


Contact Career Services if you have any questions either via email careerservices@abtech.edu or by phone (828) 398-7209.