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Transfer Guides for Engineering at the UNC System

Uniform Articulation Agreement for the Associates in Engineering degree

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The following table shows the math and physics sequencing required for all engineering programs offered in the UNC system.

Engineering Math and Physics sequencing

Fall (1st Semester)

  • MAT-171 Pre-calculus Algebra*
  • Spring (2nd semester)
  • MAT-172 Pre-calculus Trigonometry
  • Summer (3rd semester)
  • MAT-271 Calculus I**
  • Fall (4th semester)
  • MAT-272 Calculus II & PHY-251 General Physics I***
  • Spring (5th semester)
  • MAT-273 Calculus III & PHY-252 General Physics II***

Please note the following:

*MAT-171 follows DMA 010-080. A student who tests out of the DMA sequence is eligible to take a College-Level Math Accuplacer placement test to potentially test out of MAT-171 and MAT-172.

**Students who score 3+ in AP Calculus can transfer in MAT-271 Calculus I with official scores from The College Board.

***PHY-251 is only offered in the fall semester and PHY-252 is only offered in the spring semester so it is important to make sure you have completed MAT-271 Calculus I prior to the fall of your final year.

CHM-151 General Chemistry I (prerequisite of CHM-092 Fundamentals of Chemistry or high school chemistry, transcript required) is also required. Students are advised to complete this prior to their MAT-272 Calculus II semester.

We strongly recommend that all students adequately prepare prior to taking placement tests.

  • To study for placement in MAT-171 use the Free Online Algebra Review Course through Udacity. This section of placement is not required if a student has a Math ACT/SAT score of 22+ (ACT) or 500+ (SAT). ACT/SAT scores expire after 5 years.
  • To study for placement in MAT-172 or 271 use the Sample Math Questions through AIMS Community College.
  • Links to both reviews are available through the A-B Tech Testing Center Website: Prepare for Placement Testing

All this information is available in a .pdf version of Engineering Math And Physics Sequencing.

There are multiple ways to place into MAT-271 Calculus I. Please discuss alternative MAT-271 Calculus I placement options with your College Transfer Advisor.