Program Advising Center Overview

Information about program advisors can be found on the Program Advisor Information webpage.

Welcome to College Transfer Advising! We are located in the Program Advising Center in the Elm Building and assist students who plan to transfer to four-year colleges and universities in pursuing the A.A., A.S., and A.F.A. degree programs.

The College Transfer Program provides opportunities for students to complete coursework that will transfer as baccalaureate credit to four-year colleges and universities. By completing courses in the Arts and Sciences, students can earn an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and Associate in Fine Arts. A-B Tech also offers Associate in Teacher Preparation or Associate in Engineering degrees. These degrees are designed to prepare students to continue their education in their field of study.

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College is actively and fully complying with the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement between the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) and the University of North Carolina (UNC) System. This agreement establishes college transfer courses, degrees, and policies that are accepted by all 58 community colleges and all 16 UNC colleges and universities. Students who complete degree requirements will have certain guarantees that credit earned will transfer to UNC institutions.

Students who do not complete all degree or general education requirements of the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement will be able to transfer credit on a course-by-course basis and must comply with the requirements of the receiving institution. In all cases, it remains the responsibility of the student to be aware of the special requirements of a particular institution or program.

To find out more, visit Academic Advising.

The College-Transfer Program Advising Process

Step One

Select a transfer program on your application
Associate of Art or Associate of Science





Step Two

Your assigned advisor will be in the Program Advising Center
You can meet with any member of the PAC team.

Step Three

Send in Highschool/College Transcripts
Please complete this step before your advising appointment.





Step Four

Schedule a meeting with a PAC Advisor to get classes set up
Login to the scheduler using your A-B Tech email handle and password

Step Five

Select pathway in ACA-122 Course
In this course, you will select your Pathway. The pathway you select is based on the 4-year degree you are wanting to pursue.





Step Six

You'll be assigned a faculty advisor based on pathway selection
You will still use the scheduler to sign up for advising appointments with your faculty advisor.


Schedule an appointment with your Advisor.

Transfer Pathways: To see the available pathways for transfer students, use this link to see the list and details.

Questions? The Program Advising Center can be reached at