Cyber Forensic Analyst Certificate

Cybercrime continues to rise at an alarming rate. Cyber attackers are always evolving and making it more difficult for law enforcement and corporate investigators to solve the case. Small digital footprints are left behind that are paramount in learning who the offender is and leading them to prosecution.

This certificate will bridge the gap between traditional Criminal Investigations and Cyber/Computer Investigations. Students will gain the foundational knowledge and skills to properly conduct cyber investigations by studying criminal law and utilizing some of the most industry-standard tools in performing the collection, preservation, and analysis of digital evidence.


Course Prefix/Num Course Title  
Core Courses
CCT-121 Computer Crime Invest 4 SHC
CJC-131 Criminal Law 3 SHC
CTI-120 Network & Sec Foundation 3 SHC
NET-125 Introduction to Networks 2 SHC
Total SHC for Program 13 SHC


Estimated Costs

Textbooks $125 - $250 per semester