Database Management Certificate

In the Database Management Certificate program, students will learn how to design, manipulate and update databases using a variety of database programs. Upon completion of the certificate, students should be able to write programs that create, update and produce databases, tables, and reports representative of industry standards.


Course Prefix/Num Course Title  
Core Courses
CIS-115* Intro to Programming and Logic 3 SHC
DBA-120 Database Programming I 3 SHC
DBA-210 Database Administration 3 SHC
Total SHC for Core Courses: 12 SHC
Other Major Courses
WEB-115 Web Markup and Scripting 3 SHC
WEB-182 PHP Programming 3 SHC
Total SHC for Other Major Courses: 6 SHC
Total SHC for Program 18 SHC


Estimated Costs

Textbooks: $125 - $250 a semester