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The Education Department supports students who desire to teach include not only early childhood education but also K-12 education teacher preparation in response to the growing need for qualified teachers for all ages in North Carolina, particularly in our region. The Education Department is committed to teacher preparation for children of all ages.

Welcome to the Education Department

Our department has undergone some changes effective July 2020. Formerly the Early Childhood Education Department, we have broadened our scope and welcome the new Associate of Arts and Associate of Science in Teacher Preparation degrees to our department. Our department now supports students who desire to teach include not only early childhood education but also K-12 education teacher preparation in response to the growing need for qualified teachers for all ages in North Carolina, particularly in our region. The Education Department is committed to teacher preparation for children of all ages.

The Education degree programs are considered open enrollment meaning that there is not a limit to the number of students who enroll nor are there additional expectations beyond the regular college entry process. Students may enter the Early Childhood or Teacher Preparation degrees or Early Childhood & Infant-Toddler certificate tracks at any point in the academic year. Students who wish to enroll in degree or certificate programs must process through the new student process. Once the new student process is complete, students will be assigned to a faculty advisor in the Education Department. For questions about enrollment please email or call (828) 398-7900.

Career Opportunities

Employment of preschool teachers is projected to grow 7 percent from 2018 to 2028, faster than the average for all occupations. Growth is expected due to a continued focus on the importance of early childhood education.

(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Good to Know

The basic tenets of our philosophy apply to learners of all ages. These tenets are:

  • Every person has inherent dignity and worth and should be treated as an individual
  • Students of all ages are active learners
  • Students learn best in a nurturing and safe environment
  • Students will rise to the expectations of the educator
  • Educators must honor and support the diverse backgrounds and abilities of each student
  • Educators should be constantly aware of the potential life-changing effect they have on their students
  • Educators are aware that they are serving as role models
  • Education is a reciprocal process
  • Education is required for making informed decisions
  • Education should entice people to become life long learners

The Early Childhood Education Department program bases outcomes on the five standards set forth by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Standard 1: Promoting Child Development and Learning

Standard 2: Building Family & Community Relationships

Standard 3: Observing, Documenting & Assessing to Support Young Children & Families

Standard 4: Teaching and Learning

Standard 5: Becoming a Professional

The past and present strengths of the Early Childhood Education Department include a dedication to quality instruction, a supportive college administration, community respect, responsiveness to community needs, quality field placements, articulation agreements with local universities, a partnership with Buncombe County Smart Start, and instructors dedicated to students and their families. These strengths result in well-prepared graduates who have a positive influence on the lives of the children and the families with whom they work.

The Early Childhood Education Department strives to build on past and present strengths while continually seeking to improve the quality of the educational experience for our students. We are committed to ongoing assessment of our curriculum/courses, making necessary improvements to meet the needs of our students and the evolving field of early childhood education.

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Meet the Faculty and Staff of the Early Childhood Department

Jennifer Bosworth, Department Chairperson

  • B.S. – UNC-Greensboro
  • M.A.T – Western Carolina University

Jennifer earned her bachelor’s degree in Education of Deaf Children with a concentration in Educational Interpreting from UNC-Greensboro. She worked for many years in settings serving individuals who are Deaf, hard of hearing, hearing impaired, and deaf-blind. Her roles included working with young children in early childhood settings, group home settings and community-based services supporting individuals with hearing loss. Jennifer later earned a Masters of Arts in Teaching degree in Birth-Kindergarten Education from Western Carolina University after shifting her career to work with young children of all abilities. She also holds an NC Standard Professional II Birth to Kindergarten teaching license and has served as an evaluator and mentor for the Early Educator Support, Licensure and Professional Development Office under the Division of Child Development and Early Education. Jennifer's career has included working with diverse children from birth to 8th grade.

Jennifer has served in a variety of roles within A-B Tech. Currently, she is the Department Chairperson of the Early Childhood Education Department. Prior to this role, Jennifer was the Collegiate Education Outreach Advisor within the department. Through that work, she supported students working in child care centers across Buncombe County. In addition to working for A-B Tech, Jennifer has been a classroom teacher with 4-year-olds, school-age group leader for children from ages 6-13, and a child care center director for a large developmental day program in Buncombe County.


Tamara Reynolds, 10-Month Full-time Faculty

  • B.A. -UNC-Chapel Hill
  • M.Ed. - Union Institute and University

For the last two decades, Tamara has taught a diverse group of learners from pre-k through college. A Morehead-Cain Scholar, she received her B.A. in Child Development and Family Studies and Birth to Kindergarten licensure from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Tamara was then trained to work with students with autism through the TEACCH program at the UNC School of Medicine. Her love of reading and books led her to pursue her M.Ed. in Reading and Pre-K/Primary Education. Tamara served as an adjunct instructor at three different colleges prior to becoming a full-time instructor at A-B Tech.

Tamara has presented at local, regional, and national conferences for teachers and has provided professional development to numerous schools. Most recently, she presented at the 2018 NISOD International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence where she was also recognized as a NISOD Excellence Award Recipient.

Locally, Tamara has served as a mentor for NC Pre-K teachers in Buncombe and Madison Counties and worked on numerous early childhood projects with Buncombe Partnership for Children and Children First/Communities in Schools. She is a member of the Subcommittee on Child and Youth Homelessness for the Asheville Homelessness Initiative Advisory Committee.

At A-B Tech, she previously served as the Secretary of Faculty Association and is the faculty representative for the Single Stop Initiative, which is designed to connect students with financial and community resources. Tamara enjoys speaking to prospective Early Childhood students through A-B Tech’s Try on College Days and various Recruiting/Enrollment Services programs for local K-12 students. She was one of the Spring 2018 winners of the Invitational Education Award. If you are in need of a cup of coffee, a pen, a snack, you can find her in her office next to a life-size poster of Bruce Lee.

Suzanne Hughes, Adjunct Faculty

Heather Logan, Adjunct Faculty